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Let’s Meet The Team! #Fuad


A local Capetonian, Mogamat Fuad Van Schalkwyk goes by his middle name, Fuad.  He’s another member of the team that has a long history with Stonehurst, having served you for ten years. Fuad enjoys being on the front line and meeting new and diverse people every day.

While Fuad couldn’t identify anything specific that he finds too difficult about his role, Fuad does make the most of his time off.  Gardening, swimming and reading are his preferred downtime hobbies, but he’s also revealed an interest in history.  In fact, if he were to have the option of any job in the world, Fuad would like to be a Historian.

Life certainly isn’t dull for Fuad. He has two vehicles on the road operating as Uber taxis, and ambitions to build this up into a fleet of taxis.  With this on the go, and a full-time job, his dreams of being a Historian may be on the back-burner for now!

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