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Stonehurst Estate

Stonehurst Estate Resident Agents:
Sally Gracie: 083 459 9523
Vaughn Barkhuizen: 082 876 7387

Stonehurst Estate is a picturesque residential development located in Cape Town, South Africa. It is known for offering an idealistic living experience that combines the natural beauty of its surroundings with secure and stylish housing options. The estate comprises three distinct sections: Stonehurst Close, Stone Village, and Stonehurst.

Stonehurst Close and Stone Village consist of ready-built townhouses that cater to individuals or families seeking a simple, stylish, and secure living environment. These properties are designed with modern aesthetics and offer a hassle-free lifestyle with minimal maintenance requirements. Despite their practicality, they maintain a luxurious touch, ensuring that residents don’t have to compromise on comfort and elegance.

One of the standout features of Stonehurst Estate is its cradled position at the foot of the iconic Silvermine Mountain Range. This location provides residents with a unique opportunity to live in close proximity to nature while enjoying the safety and tranquility offered by the estate. The estate’s prime location allows residents to engage in various outdoor activities such as hiking on the nearby mountain or playing golf at the Westlake Golf Course, conveniently located just across the road.

In addition to its natural beauty, Stonehurst Estate offers residents easy access to a range of entertainment options. Exclusive restaurants and dining establishments are located in close proximity to the estate, providing residents with diverse culinary experiences. Whether residents prefer to indulge in a round of golf, explore the mountain trails, or savor a meal at a nearby restaurant, Stonehurst Estate ensures there is something for everyone.

To ensure the efficient management and upkeep of the estate, Stonehurst Estate is overseen by a board of well-qualified trustees. These trustees work diligently to maintain the beauty, security, and overall functionality of the estate, ensuring that residents can enjoy a high quality of life within the community.

Lifestyle Estate

Stonehurst Estate encapsulates the idealistic living that Cape Town boasts yet with flavoursome flair of secure, nature-filled living. The new age architecture combined with the cradled position at the foot of the iconic Silvermine Mountain Range.

Lifestyle Centre

Within the core of this fruitful estate lies the lifestyle centre. This beautifully decorated venue serves as nothing short of a world class venue for events and functions. The Events trustee, Lynette Rix, continues to impress the homeowners.

Eco Living

Hiking Trails

Experience Eco Living at its best while taking a stroll along one of the many Walking Trails.

Fauna & Flora

Enjoy a wide variety of wildlife and indigenous flora at your doorstep.


Stonehurst Estate offers spectacular views of the Constantia Valley, False Bay and the mountains of the Table Mountain National Park.