Stonehurst Estate encapsulates the idealistic living that Cape Town boasts yet with flavoursome flair of secure, nature-filled living. The new age architecture combined with the cradled position at the foot of the iconic Silvermine Mountain Range.

Stonehurst prides itself of the amazing wildlife which is shares this magnificent space with. Being home to the extremely endangered Leopard Toad, Stonehurst has made every effort to reserve non building space for wildlife to remain undisturbed.

Within the core of this fruitful estate lies the lifestyle centre. This beautifully decorated venue serves as nothing short of a world class venue for events and functions. The Events trustee, Lynette Rix, continues to impress the homeowners .

From Estate Living magazine

Stonehurst Mountain Estate

Western Cape | Stonehurst Estate | Lifestyle Estate

Fine living – naturally

Stonehurst Mountain Estate is an iconic and well-known estate for various reasons. Its aesthetic appeal is unrivalled by many, its community and social sentiments cemented and their environmental and sustainable practices sound. My visit to the Stonehurst Mountain Estate was an interesting one that started at its impressive entrance. My surroundings were instantly hushed as the cool, sea breeze coming up from the ocean stirred the aromatic flower scents in the air, and it was evident I was entering a quite zone.

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