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About the Lifestyle Centre

Within the core of this fruitful estate lies the lifestyle centre. This beautifully decorated venue serves as nothing short of a world class venue for events and functions. The Events trustee, Lynette Rix, continues to impress the homeowners with amazing well planned and beautifully decorated events to promote a sense of community and adding a dimension of networking within the large estate. The lifestyle is equipped with a full gym and offices whereby the Stonehurst offices lie. The lifestyle centre encompasses subtle glamour yet obvious luxury with its use of endless glass and natural materials combined with state of the art technology. A discrete element hides within the centre in the form of a billiard room which hosts an overly glamorous 1950’s chic style furniture and other décor. This generously sized gym is run by Body Excel and houses nothing but the finest training equipment which is open to all residents as it is included in the levies. Over looking the local ducks within the massive pond, is the large double lane swimming pool. The solar powered heating allows for year long training and a chance for the kids to slash around safely in the neighbouring shallow kiddy-pool.